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In 2020 Instagram turned 10 years old and has over 1 billion users! Out of these billion users roughly 6 out of 10 log in EVERY SECOND! 

This course is designed to help you build your account from the top down. It will teach you how to set the right goals, post engaging content, run profitable ads, and much more.

This course will teach you tips and tricks that the pros use to get views, amazing followers, and of course sales.

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to:

  • Use Instagram like a professional marketer 
  • Build an Instagram brand that catches potential follower’s attention
  • Learn exactly who and not to target through research
  • Create fun, engaging, professional-looking posts and campaigns 
  • Link up with Instagram influencers
  • Use analytics to get better and better every day

Do you know the Instagram algorithm? 

The Instagram algorithm should be your best friend. After all, it has the final say on who sees your post, who follows you and who doesn’t. Learn how to properly use the algorithm to your advantage and get more views, followers, and more traffic.

Do you fully understand your followers?

Your followers have needs, are passionate, and have turn-offs! Learn how to build the ‘perfect’ followers fanbase. Build a foundation that your followers look forward to visiting and engaging with.

How good are your Instagram campaigns?

Build a profitable campaign from start to finish. Learn the different types of Instagram content and how to find inspiration. Learn how to give your users the kind of value that earns their loyalty and trust – in return will gain you a follow.

Do you know how to reach out to influencers?

Instagram is filled with a ton of influencers. Do you know who is and isn’t an influencer?  You’ll learn how to find the right influencer for your brand. You’ll also learn how to reach out to that influencer and work closely with them. The right influencer has the power to grow your Instagram brand and/or bring in sales like you wouldn’t believe – we’ll show you how.

Review. Revamp. Repeat.

Your Instagram data is your secret treasure. You’ll learn how to read and understand your Instagram data from your campaigns. After reviewing this information, you’ll revamp your campaign and repeat these steps over and over again.

Build an Instagram growth machine and start getting the followers you always wanted.

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